My Projects

Like i wrote, I like to work with Computers, and with computers i dont only mean computers, but also with Gaming Consoles.
The Gaming Console i work mainly is my Nintendo 3DS. This is mainly possible through Homebrew. More about it you can read here .

The only Project i have published for now is a open source Pokedex for the 3DS, named DDexter. A link for a thread on GBATemp is here and for its GitHub Page here . I made this because the Software published by Nintendo "3D Pokedex Pro" will not be updated for Pokemon after Generation 5. By Time of writing the games for the 7th Generation of Pokemon are developed.

I also participated in Freedom Planet Unoffical V1.22.1 Project adding the German Language. It is currently in closed Testing, you will be notified here when it will be open.
Hey! See something i made at JugendHacktBerlin2016: Poplar . Warning, german.